Toxic Skies Orchestra

Athana/Werner Cee

Atmospheric Manipulations

In the course of the past few decades, weather has gradually been losing part of its „wildlife“ character. Scientists are experimenting with interventions in the climatic system, and massive manipulations have become regular practise. The shamanistic rain doctor of yore has evolved into an inventor of latest high-tech weaponry.
The Toxic Skies Orchestra provides the soundtrack for this scenario: acoustic ambient manipulations, drones, iridescent atmospheres, sounding chemtrails, bizarre soundscapes and roaring sound cascades. The Toxic Sky Orchestra creates live phantasmagoric visions of sunsets as well as of apocalyptic thunderstorms.

2 CD Set NO:DE out soon


Werner Cee e ́chin, electronics, field recordings

Alf Terje Hana guitar, electronics, kalimba, native drum, synth.

Torgeir Nes electronics, realtime sampling

Øyvind Grong bass, voice, valve trombone

Freddie Wadling spoken words

Astrid Kloster  vocals

Christian Hovda  spoken words

Lyrics  Bettina Obrecht, Jon Steingrimsson

Music and production by Alf Terje Hana and Werner Cee

Recorded September 2014 at Rifferiet, Maskinhallen Tou Scene/Stavanger, Alstone Studio, Grong Soundhouse, Svenska Grammofonstudion/Gothenburg

CD1 NO: Mixed by Alf Terje Hana at Alstone Studio/Stavanger
CD2 DE: Mixed by Werner Cee at Prophetenmuehle Studio/Frankfurt am Main.

Mastered by Audun Strype at Strype Audio/Oslo
Cover design and photography by Werner Cee

Supported by
Stavanger Kommune, Rogaland Fylkeskommune, FFUK Goethe-Institut, Rogaland Kunstsenter.

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