Currents of Sound and Torrent Tales Norway, Sicily, Germany in a melting pot

Giovanni Apprendi, Palermo: Tamburello
Alf-Terje Hana, Stavanger: e-guitar, electronics
Gaspare Balsamo, Catania: Cunto, Actor
Werner Cee, Prophetenmühle: e-ch’in, electronics

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Northern Lights – The Return of Persephone and Torrents of Sound

Every concert is a unique event consisting of only one set/piece, a continuous stream carrying the antique recitative art of Cunto/spoken word, swirling sometimes towards ambient and drone music (e-ch’in), bringing elements of Noise, Metal (e-guitar), heading in the direction of Tarantella (tamburello); all these tributaries and many more combine to build a frenzied current between the banks of minimal music on one hand, „stadium rock“ on the other hand, resulting in psychedelic, almost cinematic music. Musicians as well as listeners are swept away, carried along, lost in sound, images, imagination. Lyrics are recitals of antique myths, fairy tales or scenes from Sicilian life in the past and present, freely mixed with contemporary music and rock.

Thus, „Torrent“ seems to reenact the story of Persephone. Peacefully picking flowers in a Sicilian idyll, she was abducted to the underworld, to Hades, where grotesque demons and hideous tormented people abound and interact in macabre activities – and suddenly, flowers and birds return to Persephone’s life as she returns to the world above, to the blazing light and heat of the Sicilian spring and summer – or to the dark, silent fjords of Norway.

Every moment of this music is laden with images, associations, the stream never breaks off. There is pure beauty, noise and harmony, driving rhythm, all of them in a constant flow.



Cunto by Gaspare Balsamo
werner cee plays the electroacoustic chin
Giovanni Appreni Tamburello Solo
Athana Symphonic Experience
Tuna fishing in sicily. New soundtrack by “TORRENT”
Torrents of Norway. Soundtrack by “TORRENT”
TORRENT Ciclopu. Very first performance at HiddenStage III

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Gaspare Balsamo, Catania, voice
actor and author, learned with the famous Palermo puppet play master Mimmo Cuticchio and is now himself a master of the traditional Sicilian recitative art „Cunto“ which is said to be rooted in the times of the „Odyssey“. Cooperation with musicians such as Alfio Antico, Rita Botto, Giancarlo Parisi, Unavantaluna, Rocco De Rosa. TV and movie productions. Cooperation with Tony Trupia, Alberto Negrin and Marcello Mazzarella.



Alf Terje Hana aka Athana, Stavanger, Norway, guitar player
composer, soundscaper, noisemaker, always in experimental mode.
Combining guitar sounds from the inspiring early Seventies with contemporary electronics. Worked with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra and Stewart Copeland (ex.Police), as the latest project, and other Norwegian and international musicians.



Giovanni Apprendi, Palermo: Tamburello
At the age of 13, Giovanni Apprendi started to dedicate himself to percussion. Playing with the folk group „Conca d’Oro“ and the „Palermo Art Ensemble“, he toured the U.S., Europe, Asia and Africa. Over the years, his percussion style has developed into a synthesis of sounds, instruments, rhythm combinations and improvisation. He has played, among many others, with Lucio Dalla, Patti Smith and Sting.



Werner Cee, Prophetenmuehle, e-chin // Sound-artist and musician, author and director of many international radio-drama projects, composer of electroacoustic music. He founded “Torrent” in september 2015. His Instrument is the electroacoustic ch’in, a seven-stringed solid body zither, adapted from the chinese qchin. The e-ch’in displays an extraordinarily wide range of sounds which are constantly oscillating, changing in timbre, structure, atmosphere, emotion. In this sound world, distinction between tonality, noise, orchestral drone sounds, musique concrète, pop or avantgarde, din or trash is no longer relevant.