Cee Lind Wertmüller

Between the Tunnel and the Train
Cee, Lind, Wertmüller. Audiovisual Concert

Inscrutable soundscapes, energetic improvisations, virtuosity and melancholy

A common feature of the three musicians’ work is their ability to embark on an extreme range of instrumental parameters creating their sound: furious tempo, extreme density of sounds and the exact opposite of all that: ample, serene soundscapes are condensed into sound sculptures. They seem to gain their sound complexity from the very components of natural forces, even to add another genre, while running the risk of missing their destination in their speedy inebriation.

e-ch’in, live electronics

Werner Cee is a composer and sound artist. For more than 20 years he has constantly published works commissioned by public German and international broadcasting stations.



Rainer Lind is a painter, photographer and video artist. As an adolescent he studied the classical guitar; later on, he played in several rock bands before turning to improvised music in 1980.



Michael Wertmüller is an energetic percussionist playing in improvisation and jazz contexts. He performs internationally in varying lineups. As a composer he became known to a broader audience through Christoph Schlingensief’s “Church of Fear” several years ago.


About the Video:
Werner Cee, e-chin // Rainer Lind, guitar // Michael Wertmüller, drums
Lyrics: Aldalbert Stifter “Bunte Steine” Translated into english by Nicholas Morris

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Video and concept Rainer Lind
Recording: Werner Cee, Studio Prophetenmühle, 2011 – 2015
Übersetzung der Stifterzitate ins Englische von Nicholas Morris

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